Big Year



Seasons Greetings, I hope you are safe and well as we pass on to 2022 .

Well Life Drawing for 2021 is almost over. We at FAB hold our last session on Dec 13th and then its a break until mid January 2022. Couldn’t resist posting a Landscape, below. Just to let you know I am not figure drawing obsessed! The bush near York in Lechenaultia time.

Apologies for my website being without updates over most of ’21 but I have been quite unwell from March until September and missed out on much of the years activities. Better now. In January I am planning a complete overhaul of the content with more information about the local scene.

I will also have a new studio, hoping to take you on a tour.

Thanks also for the new models that have emerged in 2021. Along with our dependable and exceptional ‘regular’ models it is as always privilege to work with you.

Model coaching for new models will continue but not at my studio. Instead we will be working from the Carolyn Francis studio in Midvale.


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