Nearly all of my work is done very quickly, averaging around 10 minutes. I get bored even with 20 minute poses. I work very fast and concentrate heaps.


Mostly I see drawing as an enquiry and I am keen to capture the ‘moment’ of how a body might be. I am thrilled if I can capture a facial mood, or a sense of vulnerability or harmony. I don’t go over my work later,  it just goes onto a pile of about 4000 that I do in a year both here and in Bali.  I have a ‘cull’ about twice a year and the results either go into files and some on the website.

I don’t really consider them as ‘Art’ so I am quite surprised that others are interested in putting them up on walls.

I do landscape painting and pastels as well and these will show up later in my galleries.



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    1. Hello Anne, next visit should be in November, will keep you posts. Thanks for your comments and I really enjoyed visiting your site.

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