Big Year



Seasons Greetings, I hope you are safe and well as we pass on to 2022 .

Well Life Drawing for 2021 is almost over. We at FAB hold our last session on Dec 13th and then its a break until mid January 2022. Couldn’t resist posting a Landscape, below. Just to let you know I am not figure drawing obsessed! The bush near York in Lechenaultia time.

Apologies for my website being without updates over most of ’21 but I have been quite unwell from March until September and missed out on much of the years activities. Better now. In January I am planning a complete overhaul of the content with more information about the local scene.

I will also have a new studio, hoping to take you on a tour.

Thanks also for the new models that have emerged in 2021. Along with our dependable and exceptional ‘regular’ models it is as always privilege to work with you.

Model coaching for new models will continue but not at my studio. Instead we will be working from the Carolyn Francis studio in Midvale.




Phew! Don’t ever want to see a year like that one again. Actually we are doing pretty well and our Basso life drawing group starts TOMORROW! The map is in the posts below.

Of course there are the regular Covid check ins but apart from that its business as usual.


I’ve made some changes around this site. Its been up and running for a long time and a lot has changed since I have been moving into more academic work. Still fascinated with anatomy and gesture. Hope to show you some of this as I improve.

Mostly this is to wish you all a splendid year of life drawing ahead, hopfull Covid free.

We are lucky


Well how fortunate we are to be able to hold regular life drawing events in WA. I quick look indicates that most of the pre Covid groups are under way as well as some innovative new adventures into on line drawing groups. Well done WA!

At Basso [Figure Arts Bassendean] we are 5 weeks into a great new season of quality life drawing offerings. Three model stations; short poses, long nude pose and portrait.  Ample room and great morning tea. $20. Look us up on our facebook page. Love to have you join us.

back in action


We are back in action at Bassendean. Life Drawing every Monday from now on Some restrictions apply but the room is credited for 100 persons so we are OK for distancing. You will need to sign in with your contact details ans observe the protocols provided, ie sanitiser and distancing. Looking forward to welcoming you.

Phew, its getting complicated!


Well 2020 has not been what was expected in the Life Drawing world. We closed down FAB over a month ago, and of course our trips to Bali are now off the radar. There have been some brave attempts here in Perth to run online model sessions but I have had no reports yet of their success. Clearly this is going to be a bumpy year. Ah well, there is a studio to clean and a heap of drawing to photograph, and thinking maybe a self portrait. Who knows I might even do a painting.

Hope you are all safe and well, come back in a few weeks and there might be some new drawing to look at.

2019 life drawing coming to a close.


Three more sessions at FAB, final in the 16th December, and then its the silly season until we start again Feb 3rd. Its been a great year, two Bali visits and another coming up in lat April next year [one place left]. My challenge this year has been portraits. Deep gratitude to Carolyn Francis and her studio portrait sessions in Midvale on Thursday mornings. Such a good drawing vibe. For a bit of nostalgia I have included some early works around 10 years ago. Seasons blessings…Peter


Lots happening! Body Beautiful, Bali and FAB


Busy time of the year.

The Body Beautiful¬† show opens at Atwell Gallery in Myaree from October 8th. Great place to see a showcase of life drawing and figure arts from Perth’s vibrant life drawing community. Take a look, great range of works and reasonable prices. Yes I will be exhibiting.

We are off to Bali again, this time late March early April of 2020. Get in very quick if you are interested, go to Bali Bound page on this site for details.

Figure Arts Bassendean just gets better and better. Forty seven Artists at our last Monday public holiday event. Three model stations and a fabulous musician, great food. How good is that! Our copious space manages it well. Every Monday, 9.30 until 12.30. Map and details go to ‘the Scene’ on this site.

More Bali in April/May one place left.


Off to Bali again on the 20th for three weeks. This time I will be co-facilitating two workshops for men and getting a little artwork done as well. Back for Basso’s final session on the 17th December.

Our visit to Bali in April/May 2019 has one place left so if you are interested get in quick. These retreats are always popular so this is advanced notice of a further event in September. I will publish dates ASAP.