Back to Bali


We leave on the 30th for our next Art Group in Bali. This time with Shirley Winstanley at the helm, coaching us about using a black background canvas technique that she uses to get her wonderful rich integrated tonal effects and highlights. Perfect for studio paining of nudes and intense lighting. Cant wait!

Hoping to show you the results in a couple of weeks time.

We will be using the studio and accommodation at Pondok Saraswati which now has a new website and address.

Our next trip in in July [29th to the 7th]. If you are interested good to book early as we only take 4 Artists.




2 thoughts on “Back to Bali

  1. – October 14, 2010 4:13 amThe designs are inerldibce. These designs are an inspiration to designers especially the newbie’s. These would really let designers think different ideas and expand their artistry for their new project. Thank you for posting! Keep it coming.

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