Basso Rocks!


Well we are under way at our new Basso venue and its fantastic!

Massive space in two parts opening out to a private courtyard and garden, fantastic kitchen,

great lighting, air con, music, tables and chairs provided. This is luxury life and portrait drawing at its best. Sorry no pic, too excited on the opening day to remember. I promise one after next week.

We had no trouble accommodating 22 portrait artists and 18 life drawers so there is plenty of room if you would like to join us. Parking seemed to work, even thought they had decided to close our street and parking space in order to relocate a memorial. If you are attending we are suggesting that for now you drop off your gear at the back drop off bay and then park your car in a side street.

The space is so convenient to our needs that we are already plotting up some new ways to present life drawing and portraiture to artists.. As there is a low stage we are thinking tableau, costume, maybe moving models etc. As well as we are on a Monday which often means long weekends we are thinking of having long weekend Mondays as all day special events including a lunch.

Any suggestions welcome.

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