Hello world!


A new website!

Yes this is my new website. My old one has served me well but now, with countless years of life drawing up my sleeve its time to create a new direction about what what I am up to in the life drawing world.

These days I am doing quite a lot of coaching, both in my studio here in Perth and also in Bali. As well I coach models and send out information on their behalf to a select group of people who hire models. In Perth I am happy to do coaching on an informal basis for free, as there are so many shorts cuts and tricks of the trade that can easily advance a potential artist with just a few visits to a studio. Cost of the model must be met by the student.

As well my work is shifting towards painting, and I am not sure as yet if that is going to involve painting figures as I also enjoy landscapes.

So there will be fewer works in my galleries at the moment, and a promise to update old images. Also thinking about some standard pricing and smaller works.

Here are some images from my old site home page.



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