Winter wonder at Basso


We already have a fantastic facility at the Bassendan Community Centre, and it just got better. They have upgraded the fitting and curtains and there is now a splendid wooden floor that beautiful reflects the light. Last week they installed reverse cycle air conditioning. Yippee……. not more cold artists and even colder models. So if you are in for some luxury life drawing, up to three sessions running, great food, great models and 5 star conditions this is the place for you. More details go the The Scene.newmap1

New Life Drawing Group


Hello , here is a new group that is well and truly underway, run by Maggie Hayes in East Fremantle.

Details below

Greetings Fellow Artists,

I am an artist who loves to draw the human form, so I have started LIFE DRAWING sessions in my home studio at EAST FREMANTLE.

Initially, these sessions are NOT being run as lessons, but as an opportunity for artists wanting to draw the figure to come together and participate in a 2.5 hour session, once per week.

The weeks will be set out in 8 week terms, roughly in tandem with school holidays.

Sessions will include a variety of long and short poses which will cater for different styles of work; but this approach can be varied depending on the wishes of those present. Anyone can join any time.



each session will require:

  • a payment of $18.00 x 8 weeks, or $144 payable in advance, so that I can secure models. Alternatively, if you want to addend casually, the cost each session is $25.
  • Participants must bring all their own materials, although butchers and brown paper is available from a roll.
  • There are still three sessions to go until the end of term, the new term will begin on 25/7/16 and will run as follows:



Week 1:     July 2   Monday   6.30 pm – 9pm

Week 2:    August   8

Week 3:   August 15

Week 4:   August 22

Week 5:   August 29



Week 6:     September 5 Monday   6.30 -9pm

Week 7:     September 12

Week 8:     September 19


Please contact me if you are interested at:   or: ph: 0423765485

Bali in August, one place left!


My 15th Art Retreat to Bali is from August 8th to the 16th. These are always popular and I only take 4 persons [three already booked]

If you would like to check out the details go the the BALI BOUND tag at the top right of this page.

We travel on the 7th and return on the 17th [9 nights] and of course you might want to add to your stay. I booked these dates on Jetstar and was amazed that the return airfare was only $219

Look forward to hearing from you.

BALI 2009-1052BALI 2009-1055

Vale Travis Betts




If you go back on this blog to May last year you will find a post about male model Travis Betts, along with a great drawing I did of him. It was done at his request prior to him taking on some tats across his chest.

Tragically, Travis died today.

He is well known in life drawing circle, not the least for his amazing ability to endure very long poses. He was so well regarded as a top notch professional, always engaging, deep and personable. Sincere condolences to Tavis’s brother Trent and family.


Male models wanted


The Artistic Hen is looking for gym fit males to model for their Hen’s drawing groups.

Mostly weekend work, well paid, and lots of fun if you are up to it. You need to have a good body and lots of friendly personality to work as a nude model for groups of up to 25 ladies, out to have a good time and also learn to draw. The sessions are well run with a qualified tutor and enthusiastic students. Let me know if you are interested via contact me, and answering the questions in the ‘being a model ‘ section on this site.

Model Information


Life Drawing is well and truly under way in Perth after the seasonal break. If you are interested in being a model this is the time to do something about it. Go to the Being a Model section on this site and have a good read. If you are applying, please answer all of the questions required, it really helps. We are especially looking for more fit MALE MODELS so if that’s you we would like to know.

It’s on again at Basso


We start again at Bassendean community Centre, next Monday 25th January. Please come and join us.

This is a wonderful group on enthusiastic drawers there is plenty of space and always two groupings and models. One for single pose portraits and the other for varied pose life drawing. Sometimes we add a further group for a single pose nude, so there is lots of choice, great morning tea, atmosphere, and intentionality. $15 per session detalis below.

Hope to see you there!






2015 Wrap up.


Many more drawing groups have started up this year and its great to know how life drawing is becoming a mainstream, challenging pastime. Our group at FAB [Fine Art Bassendean] averaged around 30 attendees per session across the year, a splendid response!

As for me, I did fewer drawing this year, mostly because I have been grappling with other mediums and also because I have been away.

Special thank you to my colleagues at FAB Jeff  and Bonnie, we make a great team. Also here is a glimpse of our last couple of sessions with two favourites; partners Travis and Sarah. So good to draw!

Thank you all for your comment about my site and drawings. Hoping your sharpening the pencils for next year!



Life drawing in Craigie with Ray Bian



Here is some information about  life drawing sessions in Craigie on Thursdays from Ray Bian. Wow this guy can draw!

My name is Rui Zhi(Ray)Bian.I run life model sessions on every week Thursday, from 10am to 1pm .
The session is located in Craigie my private studio. I welcome newcomer to join my group sessions, but they need to make a booking for a place via my email or mobile; 0408600205.  New models are also welcome to contact
me, for modelling opportunities for my Thursday sessions.
Email is

Thanks Ray