It’s on again at Basso


We start again at Bassendean community Centre, next Monday 25th January. Please come and join us.

This is a wonderful group on enthusiastic drawers there is plenty of space and always two groupings and models. One for single pose portraits and the other for varied pose life drawing. Sometimes we add a further group for a single pose nude, so there is lots of choice, great morning tea, atmosphere, and intentionality. $15 per session detalis below.

Hope to see you there!






2015 Wrap up.


Many more drawing groups have started up this year and its great to know how life drawing is becoming a mainstream, challenging pastime. Our group at FAB [Fine Art Bassendean] averaged around 30 attendees per session across the year, a splendid response!

As for me, I did fewer drawing this year, mostly because I have been grappling with other mediums and also because I have been away.

Special thank you to my colleagues at FAB Jeff  and Bonnie, we make a great team. Also here is a glimpse of our last couple of sessions with two favourites; partners Travis and Sarah. So good to draw!

Thank you all for your comment about my site and drawings. Hoping your sharpening the pencils for next year!



Life drawing in Craigie with Ray Bian



Here is some information about  life drawing sessions in Craigie on Thursdays from Ray Bian. Wow this guy can draw!

My name is Rui Zhi(Ray)Bian.I run life model sessions on every week Thursday, from 10am to 1pm .
The session is located in Craigie my private studio. I welcome newcomer to join my group sessions, but they need to make a booking for a place via my email or mobile; 0408600205.  New models are also welcome to contact
me, for modelling opportunities for my Thursday sessions.
Email is

Thanks Ray


100’s of Drawings!


Well I’ve done it. There are new recent drawings and 7 Archives of past drawings going back to 2005. There are about 60 in each archive so it would take a very dedicated viewer to go through the lot. There are some landscapes and other works to come.

Interesting for me to see how much more vigorous and daring my drawing was back then. Getting older. Also interesting that there nearly all of the works would have taken 20 minutes or less to make. Any longer and they get constipated!

Many are  already sold, but if you would like one, cut and paste it onto an email and I will search it out. $150 each or two for $250.

Upgrade challenge ahead!


Hello everyone, firstly thanks so much for interest in my site and its information. I am glad that it is useful in promoting life drawing in and around Perth. You may notice a fair bit of activity on my gallery pages as I am about to modify the viewing process in order to give you more information and details about my drawings. I’ve been putting it off for too long. So here goes, as I grapple with the wonders of WordPress and a bit of coaching from my sone Michael.

Bali Boom Boom!


Back from Bali after being volcanically challenged, so it was an extra Art  visit plus plus this time. Strange grey days and lots of upset about getting back. Thanks to having our own accommodation we were OK.

Next visit for Artists to Bali is in September and is being organised by Shirley Winstanley. Great to have her expertise on board, her paintings are so inspiring.If you would like to join her in our beautiful studio at Pondok Saraswati take a look at the Bali Bound page on this website or

For further information, contact Shirley on




Off to Bali this afternoon, this time to co facilitate The Elders Way, a program that my friend Wes Carter and I have been running for many years in Bali. Some of you artists out there might not know that  my day job is working with men, through The Menswork Project. Wonderful engaging work.

Wont be around for a few weeks but if you are inquiring about the next July Art trip to Pondok Saraswati in Ubud, please look further into the site or contact me