Body Beautiful at Atwell


I’m exhibiting at Atwell Gallery with the Body Beautiful group opening on the 27th August. Hoping to have around 20 pieces available at around $100 each. This is Perth most important figure drawing show and thanks so much to the organisers for putting it on every year. Atwell Gallery is on the corner of Noth Lake Rd and Canning Hwy. Myaree. Hope to see you there.



Support our local models


This is to advise that I have updated my ‘being a model’ section in an effort to support local model applications to register to become models in preference to ‘temporary’ models who might be visiting Perth. Before doing this I canvased the 20 or so persons who hire models in Perth and the idea met with unanimous approval.

Should any of our regular Perth models like a bit of extra spruking, please forward you details as per the questionaire in my ‘being a model’ section and I will send it out for you.

The Model Speaks!


The wonderfully engaging Jane Hebiton is taking life drawing to a completely different audience with gigs for non drawers about the experience of being a model, in a way that only Jane could do it. She is doing a great job of expanding the boundaries of life drawing possibility. It is after all one of the most rewarding pastimes and challenge for us all. Model, artist and non drawers! Well done Jane hope it goes well.

Take a look at the facebook page for a gig near you.

5 week tutoring at Ellenbrook


LIFE DRAWING CLASSES in Ellenbrook with Peter Efford!


Held at The Grapevine Ellenbrook

The Grapevine Community Art Space is located in Charlotte’s Vineyard at 1 Arrowsmith Ave, Ellenbrook.

p: +61 8 9297 9940 for bookings:

Five sessions $42 per class, $210 per term   Limited to 12 partisipants

  1. 9am – 12, Wednesday, 7 February
  2. 9am – 12, Wednesday, 14 February
  3. 9am – 12, Wednesday, 21 February
  4. 9am – 12, Wednesday, 28 February
  5. 9am – 12, Wednesday, 7 March

Ellenbrook Arts provide easels, A1 boards, bulldog clips and morning tea

Participants to provide their own paper A1 or A2 and preferred materials (eg. kneadable eraser, pencils, charcoal sticks and 2B conte crayons). To contact Peter about materials ring 92932363


The programme is themed to offer a range of perspectives on how to establish life drawing competency and is designed to offer a personalised approach and coaching according to each participants needs. Peter will demonstrate a range of drawing techniques and ‘tricks of the trade’ to get the most out of a drawing session. He will offer supporting examples of his work.

This series of workshops is designed for people who have had some previous experience with drawing, and is suited to adults aged over 18 years old.

Week one Female model

Getting started, all the right moves

Equipment and materials check, handy tips to have your drawing work

Why do we draw the human figure?

What do we want to achieve?

How to draw everything all at once

It’s not about the result, it’s about the process

The power of the gaze, and how to go about a visual enquiry

Week two Male model

Anatomy and proportion

Methods of measuring proportion

How to understand interior and surface anatomy as a means of ‘informing’ your drawing and giving it substance

Using hidden visual structure to create an accurate drawing.

How to evaluate your drawing

Week three Female model

Working out the hard stuff, how to know more about body features, hand, feet and face proportion and likeness

Week four Male model

Putting it all together, engaging with the challenge of new techniques and materials

Using colour

Finding hidden information and characteristics in the pose that give your drawing ‘personality’

Claiming the page and intensifying the image using framing techniques

Week five Female model

Classic life drawing

A regularised short pose open session, 1,5,10 and 20 minute poses

Strut our stuff and have a great time life drawing Show and tell, and what’s next for you and life drawing


Benefits to participants

Life drawing is a fundamental artistic skill and an important part of any artist’s repertoire, whether they choose to exhibit in this genre or not, it transfers across all other areas of making art. The knack of seeing, communicating and understanding the human form has wider applications when conceptualising, developing narratives, and talking about the human condition. Drawing in and of itself is also a deeply meditative activity that has proven health benefits, including escaping from the worries of life, increasing brain function, developing hand-eye coordination and helping to formulate ideas and overcome creative blocks.


Other benefits include

Enhance your observational skills

Explore your personal drawing goals and discover the strengths and weaknesses that exist within your practice

Practice your skills or try out new materials

Learn new terminology

Learn new tricks of the trade, and how to apply them

Gain access to personalised coaching and guidance in a sustained and supportive environment

Make new friends and become a part of your local artistic community

Observe other artist at work

Develop ideas or make sketches for future masterpieces!






New Life Drawing Group, East Fremantle!


Here is a special message from Maggie Hayes about her life drawing groups schedule for 2018. Happy to support anyone else’s group who feel they would like to use this blog for publicity.



 Hi Everyone,

 Its Life Drawing again… I have set the dates out below for Saturday morning again. If there is enough interest I am offering Wednesday night as well- but need a minimum of five people to run this session.

 As soon as everyone has confirmed the Saturday class, I can start booking models…so please send a brief email saying YES or no…. then I can take it from there.

 SATURDAY MORNINGS (10 – 12.30pm)                        WEDNESDAY NIGHT (6.00- 8.30pm)

Week 1    10/2/18                                                            Week 1:     31 /1/18

Week 2   17/2/18                                                            Week 2:     07/2/18

Week 3   24/2/18                                                            Week 3:     14/2/18

Week 4   10/3/18                                                            Week 4:     21/2/18

Week 5   17/3/18                                                            Week 5:     28/2/18

Week 6   24/3/18                                                            Week 6:       07/3/18

Week 7   31/3/18                                                            Week 7:       14/3/18

Week 8   07/4/18                                                                 Week 8:       21/3/18

 $144 for 8 session.

 Registration:            Cost: $18 per session for a block booking payable on registration (or $25 casual session).

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation attracts a full refund if communicated at least 7 days before sessions commence.

Materials: Everyone must bring their own materials.

Non Attendance: Unfortunately, there cannot be a refund for non attendance of sessions during the term; because of model bookings and payment.

Art Studio Location: Studio address details will be sent once you have been accepted to the course. The studio is located close to Canning Highway in East Fremantle.

BLOCK PAYMENT METHOD:            By electronic transfer to:

Bank: ANZ   Account Name: Margaret Hayes.

BSB: 016 307 Account Number: 5695 44045.

Please put your surname followed by ‘LDC’ on the payment instruction.

Your receipt can be sent to you by email on request, or handed to you on the first night.

 Please contact me if you are interested at:   or: ph: 0423765485


On again in Bali, March 2018


Back again to Bali with a further life drawing and portrait adventure 13th to 21st 2018.

These retreats are always popular and if you are planning to leave from Perth there are currently good bargain airfares available. I mention this as unfortunately I have had to increase the participation cost for future visits but still good value at $1800 per participant and excellent accommodation and studio conditions. We limit numbers to 5 participants so it is a highly personalised experience. For more information go to the ‘Bali Bound’ page on this site.

Life Drawing Workshop at Ellenbrook


I will be running a two morning workshop for Ellenbrook Arts, on Saturday and Sunday mornings 18/19th November, 9am until 12.

It is an interactive program about getting to the next level of life drawing through understanding proportion and how to ‘read’ a pose. Good informative life drawing adventure. Value @ $50.

hope to see you there

For details go to