Nearly all of my work is done very quickly, averaging around 10 minutes. I get bored even with 20 minute poses. I work very fast and concentrate heaps.


Mostly I see drawing as an enquiry and I am keen to capture the ‘moment’ of how a body might be. I am thrilled if I can capture a facial mood, or a sense of vulnerability or harmony. I don’t go over my work later,  it just goes onto a pile of about 4000 that I do in a year both here and in Bali.  I have a ‘cull’ about twice a year and the results either go into files and some on the website. More recently I have become interested in anatomical study and particularly the techniques of Renaissance Artists and how the ‘lay down’ drawings, as study. Paper quality and surface contribute to the ‘feel’ of these works. So… work in progress.

I don’t really consider them as ‘Art’ so I am quite surprised that others are interested in putting them up on walls.

I do landscape painting and pastels as well and these will show up later in my galleries.



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    1. Hello Anne, next visit should be in November, will keep you posts. Thanks for your comments and I really enjoyed visiting your site.

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